The Future for Shirley Road Central

“The Future for Shirley Road Central”
By Joanne Byrne, on behalf of Shirley Road Central

Richmond Community News, May 2021, Page 5

“Following the Christchurch earthquakes the community centre at 10 Shirley Road was demolished. It was a popular and welcoming community asset situated on multiple bus routes, reaching out to the communities of Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans and Mairehau. A wide variety of people and groups attended this facility offering classes, courses and community events.

Our area also lost seven schools, including our two single sex high schools, further reducing the opportunities for night classes/adult learning spaces. The library at the Palms is outdated and too small, it lacks meeting spaces and is not central to all local schools and bus routes.

Our communities are ethnically and socially diverse. We have areas of social deprivation, and others of relative well being. We have increased social housing, and increased high density, infill housing. As our population grows, the demand for community facilities grows also. Church facilities can be a barrier for some of our secular community members. School facilities are often limited in the times they are available. Private venues are too expensive.

10 Shirley Rd provided an affordable, permanent home and storage facility that allowed a variety of community groups to prosper and thrive.

In 2021 the land remains empty. Our communities have waited over a decade for a replacement facility, while watching tens of millions of dollars spent on new community facilities in other areas of the city. The decision to not rebuild ours has disadvantaged our community and continues to do so.

Our vision is a new community hub at Shirley Road Central. We want a modern future-focused library, with learning/meeting spaces for all ages and stages of life. We want a centre that is inclusive and accessible for all. There are a number of former groups who met there and who would like to come home to Shirley Road Central.

We believe decisions about this space and its future use should be driven by our community. We want to have a legacy of community education and engagement. A new community hub will provide a positive heart and focus for all our residents and communities, still recovering from the effects of the earthquakes.

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Shirley Centre Petition

“Our communities lost our well used and well loved community centre at 10 Shirley Rd, following the February 2011 earthquake. We need a new community facility to serve the wider communities of North Richmond, Shirley, Mairehau, Edgeware and St Albans east of Cranford Street. We the undersigned, request that Christchurch City Council work with us to rebuild our beloved community centre as soon as possible.”

Please sign/share this petition to ask the Christchurch City Council, for a new community facility to be built at 10 Shirley Road, Christchurch.

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Shirley Road Central

Why ‘Shirley Road Central’?
10 Shirley Road is central to connecting communities in Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans & Mairehau.

Why the suburbs of Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans & Mairehau?
When you draw a 2km radius from 10 Shirley Road, these are the suburbs included in this area.

Interestingly after we had decided on ‘Shirley Road Central’, I found this map from the 1930s? on the Christchurch City Libraries website:
Originally Shirley Road started at Westminster Street (now Aylesford Street), before crossing over Hills Road to Marshland Road.

So over 100 years ago in 1915, the original building was built at 10 Shirley Road, as the Shirley Primary School.
This school was built at the centre of the then Shirley Road, connecting these communities even in the past.
With the building of a new centre at 10 Shirley Road, these communities will once again have a central place to call home, with opportunities to connected now & in the future, with residents from the surrounding suburbs.